COCO CLEAN: The Natural Product For Healthy Teeth

Coco Clean, for the care of your smile.

Our story

We of Coco Clean focus on the most beautiful thing a person can wear, namely the smile. Our goal is to let every smile shine in a natural way by protecting, restoring and developing in a fair way. So that not only you, but also the world can enjoy your beauty.
The Coco Clean company is based in Amsterdam and has Zaanse roots. The idea originated at school and has since been further developed into a young and dynamic company with sky-high ambitions.
Our products are based on oil pulling. Oil pulling is cleaning and caring for the teeth by rinsing with pure coconut oil. The phenomenon is not new, but has existed for thousands of years: for the Indian tribe Ayurveda this was the way to keep their teeth in good condition. By rinsing your mouth daily with coconut oil, the number of bacteria quickly decreases. The result? Better breath, no inflamed gums and whiter teeth!
With the perfect blend of cold-pressed coconut oil and added essential oils, Coco Clean is unique in the market for oral care products. These essential oils each have their own properties that have a positive effect on the care of the mouth.
Lauric acid competes with harmful microorganisms throughout the body. This is why we have increased the content of lauric acid. The acid has a strong antibacterial effect and removes all bad bacteria from the mouth. With these product characteristics we can guarantee our quality.
How to use
Use once a day, preferably in the morning before brushing your teeth. Heat the bottle under the tap until it liquefies (> 25 degrees). After heating, take 10 ml (1 cap) and rinse it for 5 minutes around the teeth and gums. Then spit out the oil and spray!
• Rinse during your daily activities! For example, in the shower or while preparing in the morning.
• Use Coco Clean especially if you suffer from inflamed gums.
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• Do not try to heat the bottle by doing it in the microwave. This is fun for someone …
• Rinse the sink with hot water after spitting or spit out in the trash.
• Do not stop after 1 bottle, but keep rinsing for the best result.

Coco Clean product

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