WENDY Magazine launches a limited edition summer collection

Eind mei komt WENDY Magazine met een limited zomercollectie die exclusief te koop zal zijn bij Kruidvat. Hippe en coole items, luchtig voor op het strand en feestelijk voor bij festivals. De items zijn geïnspireerd op Wendy van Dijks favoriete eiland Ibiza. Leu...

At the end of May, WENDY Magazine will come with a limited summer collection that will be exclusively for sale at Kruidvat. Cool and cool items, airy on the beach and festive for festivals. The items are inspired by Wendy van Dijk’s favorite island of Ibiza.

Nice mix and matches

The collection of more than 50 products consists of creations that are perfect for fine beach days and festivals. Trendy wicker bags, XL canvas bags, a purse wallet, various arm and ankle straps to combine and soft, round beach towels and hammam towels. There are mix and matches to make with tunics, dresses and skirts. Super fun: there are ‘mini-me’ versions for the kids. Like a wicker sun hat with different colored beads for mother and child. That way we make summer even more fun, at an affordable Kruidvat price.

Favorite Ibiza

All products in this collection are inspired by Wendy’s favorite island of Ibiza. Made with natural materials (reeds, beads, rose quartz etc.) and boho prints, the collection is ideal to take everywhere. WENDY Magazine & Kruidvat wish you a nice summer!

The WENDY summer collection is available exclusively from Kruidvat from 28 May to 10 June. The pre-order starts on Sunday 27 May via kruidvat.nl/wendy. The prices are between € 1.99 and € 14.99.


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