The City of the Future 2018 – Rome May 21th.

The International Forum “The city of the future” wants to compare the different countries, different cultures, different economic abilities and to think about the choices made by the different cities in terms of sustainability, plan and share sustainable development ideas for the next millennium.

A dialogue that must both retrace the activity carried out, the existing activity, but have the strength to look ahead and develop a cultural platform that must be the driving force of innovation for future generations.

The City of the Future 2018, under the patronage of the City of Rome Capital, the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea and Unindustria, toke place on 21 May 2018 at the Sala Gianfranco Imperatori, Civita Association, Piazza Venezia 11 Rome.

Road to Green 2020 is a non-profit association founded in 2016 by Dionisio Graziosi and Barabra Molinario.

The association was born on the wave of Expo 2015 in Milan, dedicated to food and nourishing the planet and the Expo 2020 that will be held in Dubai, whose theme” Combining the Minds, Creating the Future “becomes a way to follow the exploration of new paths of development and innovation

The aim of the Road to Green 2020 Association is to make the “GREEN” culture grow by relying on the enormous cultural heritage that Italy possesses and which unfortunately is often misappropriated, a heritage that goes from cooking to historical and modern art. , to the unique natural sceneries, to the characters and peoples who have made the history of our country and the world, all using modern technologies and favoring the meeting between history, nature and technology “.

Following the theme of the Universal Exposition, the aim of Road to Green 2020 is to be an incubator and promoter of new ideas for the protection of the environment, connecting minds from all over the world and catalyzing them to shared challenges; focusing on the promulgation of culture, both historical and technical, using new technologies.
All this to make human life more sustainable for the planet and to guarantee a better future for the coming generations.

In this occasion Barbara Molinario also presented “ZERO” The guide to non-waste, many useful tips to do the shopping in a healthy way and turn the moment of nutrition at a time to share in the family through growth and play.

The second edition of the International Forum “The city of the future”, organized by the Road to Green 2020 Association chaired by Barbara Molinario and dedicated to the sustainable development of cities for the promotion of environmental sustainability, was held in Rome this year. focused on the themes of food and well-being.

During the International Forum “The city of the future. In the year of food “was presented” ZERO The guide to non-waste “, it is an interactive little book aimed at young and old, which looks like a classic book but hides inside, in addition to printed content, even a a real world of augmented reality that is revealed, in fact, simply framing the pages with your smartphone or tablet. An animated character created for the occasion will appear on the screen: Chef Susie.

Dr. Morini Reading “ZERO”

The little Chef Susie, a cartoon that has come to life from meticulous drawings by illustrator Silvia Amantini, will dialogue with young readers while adults can see the chefs who have contributed to the realization of non-waste recipes, recovery and circular cooking of ZERO. Big and small together in the kitchen to make tasty recipes, recover the advanced food in the fridge and feed to grow well.

ZERO, in addition to the recipes of well-known chefs, contains some authoritative scientific interventions: the nutritionist biologists Teresa and Emiliana Pesce provide practical advice for healthy and intelligent nutrition, as in a sort of tutorial for parents and children through an ideal shopping path that is also food education, so as to understand what is good to put in the cart, and why, and what it is better to leave instead. In fact, the figure of the nutritionist biologist, in fact, is the most suitable to allow the progressive acquisition of a correct diet to achieve well-being without the use of drugs or chemical products. On the guide you can find practical advice from Dr. Teresa and Emiliana Pesce as “It is important to know how to read the labels without following the product on offer or letting yourself be influenced by advertising”. Doctors continue to fish “Better prepare homemade desserts, because in comparison to snacks we can choose the healthiest raw materials, abolishing the double zero flour and preferring the zero or the integral one and the cane sugar. If you do not have time it is better to take as many small rolls as forty grams and freeze them and then consume them during the week “.

Professor Giuseppe Morino, pediatrician and dietician, head of the Food Education Operations Unit at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome, speaks instead of a problem faced by many parents: that of selectivity, or the refusal of certain foods by the child , with consequences on its present and future health status. Therefore, some strategies to be implemented in the family and at school are indicated to succeed in directing the child towards a healthy diet, reducing at the same time the waste of food and promoting environmental sustainability.

The president of the Movement for the Degrowth Felice Lucia Cuffaro, known face of Rai 1, has signed a handbook of advice for the non-waste of food. In the Decalogue you read tips such as: Buy only the indispensable and in moderation, always making a shopping list as a reminder. Buy the quantities of food you know you can consume in the short term. Do not take advantage of the convenience formats, especially in products to be consumed within a few days. Reduce or moderate portions to be served. Better an average portion accompanied by a possible encore, than a leftover dish. Keep in mind the difference between the words “to be consumed preferably within” and “to be consumed within”. In the first case we talk about the date until which the foodstuff retains its specific properties in suitable storage conditions, while in the second case it indicates the date by which it must be consumed.

Using ZERO in its two classic and multimedia modalities, therefore, big and small together will learn and have fun with taste, in health and in the name of not waste, in the company of established names to guarantee the authoritativeness of the proposed contents. The interactive project, qr code and augmented reality, was curated by the leading company in the Skylab Studios sector, involved in cultural and tourist projects throughout the country.

“If we can not remove the phone from the hands of our children at lunch and dinner, at least propose full contents

Watch the interview made during the last event in Associazione CIVITA in Piazza Venezia in Rome by Francesca Ceci


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