Meet “Mercy X Mankind New York”, an elevated streetwear label shining a light on the beauty of darkness and chaos of the mind.

Mercy X Mankind was founded in 2014 by designer Isaac Saqib, a 20 year old who dropped out of college on a mission to express the mental disturbance and challenges of the millennial mind in today’s political and societal climate. His vision ultimately manifested into the brand through cultivated textiles, effective silhouettes and powerful messages.
Today, Saqib intuitively navigates his way through the New York fashion scene while creating unprecedented pieces like the “Pony Hair Printed Coach Jacket” that exudes a mid 90’s vibe while exhibiting a modern take on the classic coach jacket.
Saqib doesn’t just limit the brand to material and fine quality. Mercy X Mankind is often telling stories of its own perspective, take for example its recent drop entitled, “The Depths”
The entire drop viewed here under was shot in an actual New York City underground garment factory with the purpose of exhibiting a sharp contrast of luxury-wear against the unseen and often forgotten gritty and laborious task that is garment manufacturing.
 Every picture taken for this drop was kept raw, unedited and unfiltered to further drive the message of keeping the brands aesthetic rooted in authenticity, bypassing the glamorous role society may expect from a luxury brand.
Mercy X Mankind has now been featured on multiple celebrities including artists “Young Thug” and “J Balvin”, Nba players Kyrie Irving, Karl Anthony Towns and Marc Gasol, even Youtube personalities like Cameron Dallas, who sports a following of over 20 million on Instagram.
The list is only growing for Mercy X Mankind, it’s only a matter of time until the brand becomes hard to miss. Till then, follow the journey from their perspective on their Instagram: @mercytomankind.ny and visit the website to browse their latest pieces:

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