Envii AW18: ‘Rebels Book Club’

The AW18 collection of the Danish brand Envii is inspired by a fictional story about a book club at a boarding school. The Ivy League and British universities in a sixties setting are the inspiration for the collection. The girls who are members of the book club belong to a group of creative outsiders, but are confident with their own coolness.

About the ‘Rebels’ Book Club’ collection
The playful approach to fashion – what Envii is known for – is also reflected in this collection by the various patterns that can be combined together. The bright color palette of red, lilac and deep blue are used in checkered and co-ord items that are inspired by the outfits of Ivy League students. The items can be combined with classic hoodies, T-shirts and striped sporty knitwear.

Head designer Line Høiby about the Rebel’s book club collection:
‘With this collection we want to celebrate the rebellious geek. Throughout the design process, we were inspired by the 60s beatniks, who were the front-runners of the hippie generation, and made a rebellion through an anti-materialistic and literary approach. ‘

The key items in the Rebel’s book club collection are a bright red corduroy suit, a lilac oversized puffy jacket and a long checkered jacket with fake-fur details. With a pair of high tennis shoes or white solid sneakers you finish the look.




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