Au197Sm Gold Isotope and Ultrasonic Welding at during Altaroma

The Au197Sm brand debuts on the Altaroma catwalk showing at Cinecittà with the collection “Couture collides nano technology, a line of clothes that uses machines to melt thin sheets of precious metals on fabrics and ultrasonic welds that eliminate seams.” Au197Sm offers a style which revolutionises the process of construction of the garment and simplifies it. “Through a process covered by an international patent that includes passages with a high level of engineering and craftsmanship phases, we found 24 carat gold and other precious metals together with the fabric.

A technology that leads to subsequent innovations, until now precluded to technical materials that had a minimum percentage of synthetic fiber “explain Paola Emilia Monachesi, creative director of the brand and the ceo of the brand Stefano Maccagnini.” I’m looking for a man made to measure innovation – continues Maccagnani – Au197Sm boasts the exclusive use of ultrasonic welding on garments in cadì, silk and jersey “.


“Couture collides nano-technology” is the collection that combines technology and creativity. Through an innovative process alternating artisan savoir-faire and phases of advanced engineering covered by international patents, metal is fused with fabric. For the brand that has made experimentation its main asset, this is a completely new concept and a protagonist of a fashion technology that involves the entire production process, from materials to finishes, and is now couture. Creativity is the buzzword of this collection that is a manifesto for the fashion of the future. Technology, research and craftsmanship have thus been united to create a complete collection – from daywear to evening wear – that is totally new and innovative.



Innovation progresses, style after style: 24 karat gold and other precious metals are fused with fabric, paving the way for new creative scenarios. Ultrasonic welding – which until now has been precluded to garments with a minimum percentage of synthetic fiber – is applied in a new and unusual way on fabrics made of natural fibers fused with metal, such as cady, silk and jersey. Nanotechnologies manipulate the fabric on an atomic and molecular level, in respect of humans and the environment, to miniaturize the mesh and reduce it in a way for use in any climate.


Fabrics range from hyper-technological to traditional materials given a contemporary twist. Refined technological details are made by fusing together nylon and Plexiglas fibers. Paper-like gold fabrics entirely made of unwoven gold create a striking minimalist look. Ultrasonic welding is used to create metallic knits with contemporary-tech style and sequin and bubble scuba appliqués that give more natural fabrics like chiffon, cotton and organza a new attitude and create a unique aesthetic style. These elements are used for looks with advanced sartorial engineering, such as the straight Army Coat made of technical mesh ultrasonically bonded with ruching.



A focus is on shoekers, appliqués worn over sneakers to create new luxury streetwear. Made of leather embellished with transparent sequins, nylon and Plexiglas threads and decorated with precious metals and gold, they are worn like jewelry but are so much more. This stylish detail, which can be creatively changed to suit one’s mood, has a street attitude and luxurious appeal.


White, black, mint, licorice, pale rose.

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