This shaving lotion, without SLS *, cleanses, nourishes and softens the skin.

Shaving, more and more people are doing it, and more and more often not only a specific part, but the entire body is being depilated. Optimal personal care is important and of course you want to use the best product for your body. A natural product that fits the needs of this time, is good for your body and can be used responsibly.

Softshave is such a product, it is a shaving lotion that is completely focused on contemporary shaving needs. A soap-free, yet nurturing lotion that prevents ingrown hairs and red razor bumps. With Softshave, skin irritations are a thing of the past. Softshave is a safe and responsible choice. It is a pure and pure product made from natural ingredients. Apart from Kelp, a seaweed variety with nurturing properties, it also contains Aloe vera, a beneficial substance that has long proven its beneficial effect. Kelp cleanses the skin intensely, carefully and safely. The bacteria that are often the cause of common shaving complaints get much less chance by using Softshave. Kelp also makes the skin wonderfully smooth and that makes shaving go extra smoothly from now on.

Softshave is easy to use and you only need a palm. Moisten the skin, apply it to the places where you want to shave and just as well draw in, about 15 to 30 seconds. Then you can remove the product with any type razor and rinse the skin. Another additional benefit: Softshave reduces hair growth with regular use.

Softshave shaving lotion is suitable for all skin types and can be used by both men and women to shave all body hair. The new Softshave does not contain SLS *. SLS is soap that has a foaming effect and removes grease and dirt, but is often so hard for the skin that it can cause allergies or dehydration of the skin in some people.

Softshave without SLS can be ordered from various online drugstores and the Softshave webshop via www.softshave.nl. It is also available in the shop at various drugstore chains and the better chemist from September 2018.

Consumer advice price: 150 ml for € 17.50.

Softshave is a Dutch product of Fortezzia and is part of their innovative beauty and care products line that is being launched under the brand name WaveCare.


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