Bas Kosters x Makers Unite ROBOT BAG

A limited edition bag that represents the future of co-design bringing our voices and creativity together


It was a partnership that started in the autumn of 2017 when fashion designer Bas Kosters organised a workshop for Manifeest, a benefit festival for new activism and peace. The makers of Makers Unite helped participants in the process of creating peace suits that would turn people into moving signs of peaceful protest. It turned out a little different than expected when the makers created peace suits themselves and joined the parade. From here, Bas and Makers Unite director Thami Schweichler starting talking about the many possibilities of working together.


Fast forward to summer 2018, Bas and Makers Unite started to work on a more serious plan. “I sketched something that I would like to do, something inspired by the material used in creating the Makers Unite products,” recalls Bas. He then went to the Makers Unite atelier and had a session with the makers where they talked about hope and what it means to them. From this inspiration process, it was clear for Bas that whatever the outcome is, the world of Bas Kosters and of Makers Unite must resonate each other.


“To create a strong collaboration I needed to stay true to my design aesthetics in combination with the very specific technique and material of Makers Unite. When I got there,  I noticed that we are very different, which is good and very logical because we are all in this world in very different ways and that what makes us equal,” says Bas.


The outcome of this collaboration is the Robot Bag, a fun and unique bag that was presented at “Dear Sir/Madam: HOPE” SS19 collection of Bas Kosters. “I hope that with the Robot Bag, we can communicate serious things. It’s a perfect example of a Bas Kosters storytelling project where you amuse and trigger people with optimism to tell the story behind certain issues. I’m really happy with the people that I got the chance to work with. Through their craft and labor, I get to tell the story of how important it is to see each other for who we are. I think that it’s the story of Makers Unite and it’s something important for me, too, as an individual” continues Bas.


The limited edition Robot Bag is now available for order at



Bas Kosters: HOPE fashion show (Backstage photos by Marc Deurloo, Runway photos by Team Peter Stigter); 



Makers Unite is a socially inclusive enterprise producing bags and travel accessories like laptop sleeves and travel pouch made from sustainable and upcycled materials. Our collection is handcrafted with love by newcomers and locals. Together, we create a beautiful story for the world to share and be part of. The revenue of our products is 100% invested in our social inclusion program supporting refugees in their access to the labor market.




M-ODE 2018

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