Artist Kiri Mioki

In his new song Netflix, Kiri Mioki uses the streaming service as a metaphor for everyone’s need to feel nice. In ‘Netflix’ he deals with the influence of brands on our identity (‘Ikea family / it’s easyyyyyyJet’). Inspired by Grayson Perry’s embroidered piece The Walthamstow Tapestry, Kiri explores both the positive and more negative feelings caused by having brands making us who we are. The song has him Netflixing ’n’ namechecking everyone’s favourites and concludes with a chorus singing ‘so keep me company’. For the accompanying visual, Kiri turned dozens of globally known logo’s into his own.
About Kiri Mioki
Kiri Mioki is the alternative little brother of Kylie Minogue. He makes arty pop songs, is 6’1” (1.86 m) tall and his favourite flower is the chrysanthemum.
On a trip to Japan a couple of years ago, Kiri found himself in the middle of the jungle with nothing to do. In a room with drums and a keyboard, he started writing music. Back in his home town he continued writing and producing and took singing classes. His first single Communication (YouTube only release last August) is a reply to Pet Shop Boys’s ‘E-mail’.
In his live performances, Kiri likes to collaborate with other musicians (Jesse van den Doren) and a number of fashion designers. He uses his appearances, live songs and backdrop video art to give viewers a 360º presentation, possibly licking his own 3D printed head in the process.
Kiri, as living art work, is represented by Galerie Fleur & Wouter.
Follow Kiri:
snapchat: kirimioki
Pictures by : Marc Deurloo
Styling by : Graziella Ferraro

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