DONKEY is a new label born in La Paz, Bolivia and founded mid 2017 in Amsterdam. Bolivia has an instinctive sense for combining colors resulting in charismatic and instinctive designs, something the founder of the brand missed in the Dutch cityscape. Carried mostly by ‘cholitas’, traditionally dressed women, throughout South America, DONKEY is now creating a high quality version of the colorful market bag and introduces it to Europe.

“I am happy to see that the simple, though strong designs of the bags are being loved by design minded people in Europe. They are used here as a colorful fashion accessory, but also as the ideal travel, shopping and beach bag.”

Having worked with high-end retailers such as a.o. Dover Street Market (London) and Colette (Paris), DONKEY’s founder is happily adding an unpretentious, lighthearted fashion item that is both practical, yet notable. The bags are hand made in her motherland Bolivia, from recyclable plastic.
Fairly produced, yes. But the brand won’t position itself as a typical fair trade brand, as DONKEY believes ethical and fair trade manufacturing should be the standard in fashion, instead of a marketing gimmick.

The bags are lightweight, super spacious, strong and come in three sizes: TinyTiny (S), Midi (M) and Poppins (L). They currently retail at €45, €55 and €69. DONKEY is available online and at X Bank Amsterdam.

About the founder

For seven years Wara has worked as an ambassador and sales/PR manager for Jupe by Jackie worldwide, but mostly in Amsterdam and Paris (Fashion Week). During those years she was lucky to be able to work with the world’s most renown press & retailers and collaborate with Comme des Garçons.


Wara (1990) was born in Amsterdam. Daughter of a Dutch mother and Bolivian father. During her travels through South America, she noticed there was one bazar bag, all ‘cholitas’ carried.

“These women were carrying heavy loads in the most beautiful color bags, matching their own outfits in asophisticated, though natural manner”.

On her return in Amsterdam, she asked her ‘Tia’ (aunt) to send her some of the bags to see how the Dutch would react to them. Her aunt took the request rather serious, and sent her around a hundred bags. They sold quickly, which motivated her to continue the project.

Now & Soon

– DONKEY’s webshop just went live, shipping world wide
– DONKEY is currently busy creating its own brand visuals (photo & video), and started building on a larger POS area, starting with Europe.
– A launch event at X Bank Amsterdam.
– In the future, DONKEY aims to develop a recycling program for the bags, as they are handmade of recyclable material.

More info: www.donkey-land.comInstagram: @donkey_landcomFacebook: @donkeyofficialContact:



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