Tangle Teezer® is a British brand that designs and manufactures hairbrushes. Founded in 2007 by Shaun P. and now available in more than 70 countries. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Victoria Beckham are big fans!
Tangle Teezer® is the brush that painlessly removes hair without damaging it. The Tangle Teezer® is easy to use and the hair quickly feels fuller and healthier, because it breaks down less quickly. The brush is suitable for style, curly and afro hair. In addition, ideal for the carriers of hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.
The latest launch of Tangle Teezer:

The Detangler is specially developed to be able to brush the hair when it is wet and fragile. The Detangler Act has 325 teeth that ensure
that it detonates hair without damaging it. The Detangler is therefore ideal for the even distribution of the conditioner by wet hair.












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