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When it comes functional outdoor rainwear, before, all we could choose from was about unisex, oversized – but rather baggy –  silhouettes in which we could literally hide underneath or wrap ourselves up to bear the rain on the go. Luckily, Rain Couture Amsterdam has revolutionized the concept of functional raingears and has launched its Spring/Summer Collection including rainproof accessories, which offers a new range of never-out-of-styles, which dedicates itself to true classics and maximum functionality combined with maximum style throughout 4-seasons.


The stylish 4-season raincoats are breathable, which is as important as being water & windproof. This functional feature gives the ultimate comfort to be able to wear this coat daily and throughout all seasons. In addition there has been smart air ventilations added underneath the armpits for extra air circulation and to avoid leakage all seams are taped. Furthermore, besides the elegant buttons or clean magnetic buttons, all coats are equipped with a functional double-sided zipper.

When it comes to other smart gadgets, you can find a keychain holder in the right side pocket to not loose any keys on the go and every rainproof coat has an inside pocket with button-flap closure to keep the important belongings safe.

Also, all styles have a (detachable) hood with cap, adjustable at 3 points which is certainly compulsory on the functional side as well handy to detach it in a split of second, store it in your handbag when the sun is out.

Last but not least, In all coats, you’re able to attach any of the color-blocking tailored body-warmers inside to wear this 4-season style during the colder months as well!

Newly added in the Rain Couture never-out-of-style collection is the waterproof fitted trousers, the Double-Breasted Wrap Coat, the Kids Parka, the Foldable Rain Parka, the Waterfall Coat, the Laptop Cleeve and Rain Scarf.


Let me highlight 2 of my favourites!

The Elegant Double breasted Wrap Coat

This multifunctional coat follows the latest trends regarding the new colour options, yet it is timeless in its optimised fit, elegant silhouette, sophisticated fabric use and unique detailing.

The delicate pinstriped navy woollen Waterproof Wrap Coat is definitely a must-have for the winter lovers and the career-orientated women, who love style & living in the colder climate zones, like Scandinavia. This is an absolute timeless piece with many seasons to enjoy with and its colour contrasting mustard yellow detailing is a real trendy eye-catcher.

The vintage green colour version has definitely got the possibility to wear it throughout 4 seasons due to its smart fabric choice and windproof factor. Till freezing point it can be simply worn casually and when it freezes, you can add the colour-blocking tailored body-warmers inside to bear the snow. The smoked beige lining and colour accents give an effortless look to any neutral wardrobe as well as suit beautifully with colourful pastels, like blush and pastel yellow.

The grey check patterned colour combination with forest green accents is a very trend-forward piece. Thanks to its unique pattern it is surely wanted among the trendsetters and people who love to mix and match patterns throughout their daily outfits.


Secondly, the Multi-Purpose Waterproof Trousers is one of their most recent innovations, and I think it’s great that Rain Couture found a way to make the rain trousers sexy again!

Multi-Purpose Waterproof fitted Trousers


The waterproof fitted trousers is made of a 2,5 layer delicate fabric and to be true to it’s name: it is 100% waterproof      ( with a water column of 10.000 ) , windproof and high-breathable. To avoid leakage, all seams are taped and at the calves there has been a pair long waterproof zippers applied to be able to fit the shoes through but also to switch to a more flared silhouette from the fitted straight look. It has side pockets with waterproof zipper closure to keep all important cards and keys safe and belt loops to decorate the trousers with a stylish belt from your wardrobe. As a convenient ad-on detail is its additional own pouch, where you can fold & store this pair of pants the most efficient way.

It fits great in a backpack, a weekender or even a carry-on during your travels or bicycle rides.

And as a fun fact: this functional feature is also very handy in the sense that the rest of your clothing or belongings won’t get wet either.

When it comes to its multi-purpose aspects, this Rain Couture Fitted Waterproof Trouser is made to enjoy a broad selection of outdoor hobbies in style as well and not just the cycling races to work and back home.

Think outside of the box, and pack this pair of pants to your ski holiday during winter, but also when the sun is out enjoy golfing, sailing, Nordic-walking or even horse riding in it. Due to its comfortable and stylish fit it is definitely something universal that you find handy at a climate when you get to experience 4 seasons.

Regarding the trend-forward aesthetics, it is available in 3 colors : Coral Red with white stripe detailing, which is certainly a sporty & playful colour combination for the people who cherish colours in their lives. The second version is the Forest Green pair of rainproof pants with coral red stripe detailing, which is a slightly more subtle and nature inspired colour combination, yet with a stylish splash of accent. It is perfect for adventurous landscape walks styled sporty or chic depending what to pair with this pair of trousers. For last but not least, the third color is Ash Black with navy stripe detailing. This is an easy and timeless colour combination to make use of it anytime throughout the seasons.

Especially in the period of rapidly changing fashion and trends, it is always very wise as well as comforting to find a single item that can have a thousand ways of styling and as well as have functional features to shelter you in style during the colder and warmer seasons.


Visit their website: www.rain-couture.nl





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