Hermès open a new store in Amsterdam

Hermès open a new store in Amsterdam on 18 May, in the Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat. The new location is within walking distance of the first Dutch Hermès store, which opened in 2006. With this enlarged new store, the Paris house brings an ode to the relationship with the local clientele as a token of confidence in the Dutch market.

The shop building has a transparent façade of glass bricks, an innovative reference to the historic facades in the rest of the street. The new store is decorated by RDAI, a Paris agency that designs all Hermès stores worldwide. The façade with glass bricks was designed by the Dutch agency MVRDV.
Upon entering, the surprisingly open layout is immediately noticeable; the store consists of two floors and a mezzanine. The iconic Hermès ex-libris mosaic pattern, inspired by the original Faubourg Saint-Honoré floor, is done in warm earth tones. In the store there is room for silk scarves, perfumes and fashionable jewelry. Accessories for men and women are displayed in the heart. And in the back, where two inserts of rust-brown carpet are located, one can find the ready-to-wear and the shoe collections. Here the glass façade provides natural light. The traditional Grecques lamps hang in the rest of the store, originally designed for Hermès in 1925.

The curved wooden staircase on the left, visible from the outside, is a striking and sculptural element in the space. The staircase has handrail covered with brick-red leather and serves as a path that invites visitors on a journey of discovery along the creations of Hermès. Halfway up the stairs is the mezzanine, which is bathed in natural light; the interior collection can be seen here. Jewelry, watches and leather goods can be found on the first floor, which is open on two sides, like a balcony. Different earth tones, rust brown and brick red, provide an intimate atmosphere. The color palette is inspired by traditional Amsterdam bricks.
This new store illustrates Hermès’ high appreciation for the local environment and welcomes visitors to the heart of the house’s exuberant collections, which are fueled by freedom of creation and excellent know-how.
Since 1837, Hermès has been true to a traditional model and humanistic values. At Hermès it’s all about the freedom to create, the constant search for materials, the transfer of unique savoir-faire and the aesthetics of functionality. Hermès is an independent, family-owned company dedicated to holding essential manufacturing components in France through 42 workshops while the network of 310 stores in more than 49 countries is being further developed. Axel Dumas, family member of the sixth generation, has been Ca) van Hermès since 2013. With the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, which was founded in 2008, Hermès supports projects in the field of artistic creation, training and the transfer of knowledge, biodiversity and preservation of the environment.

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Hermès Amsterdam P.C. Hooftstraat 94 1071 CC Amsterdam

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