ME.LAND is craftsman made shoe brand. Inspired from good boys with a rebel heart. It offers an unusual mix of inspirations, materials and colors with a great attention to details. It emerges a daily behavior. A way to make one’s own route. The philosophy of this adventure is quite simple : Stay wise ? Follow the rules ? Why not. Provided that there is no way, one can erase his own character !

ME.LAND laces up modern young people of all ages. Those who question and change the rules. For the Fall Winter 2019 collection, what could be more natural than to revisit the rebellious ambitions of Punks, Mod’s or Beatniks. Bright and daring spirits who knew how handle the modernity of their time with style.

Mat calfskin, patent calfskin, suede, smooth calfskin, metal calfskin or printed hairy calfskin … The classic calfskin comes in almost every condition and combines with the British tartan or the reflective fabric of the night workers. All of these materials coordinate and blend around a restricted palette of Black, White, Navy, Carmine or Forest Green with a touch of Yellow. Each shoe is thought to offer a unique and different combination of textures and / or colors. A unique and exclusive proposal.

The classic and lightweight Meaker sneaker now comes in all sizes from 36 to 46. It is gaining height with the new Heaker that goes over the ankle or the new Beaker straps to offer more contrasts. A new derby, the Lander completes the offer. It is inspired by the British rebellious spirit on ultra-light natural rubber outsole. Prices from 290 to 350 €

This collection is for those who, like us, want to encourage the redistribution of cards, genders and diversity. Let’s walk together! Let’s put one foot in front of the other in a community and universal mind, being more egalitarian and more respectful.

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