De SlowBeauty InSPAration Brief

“The last 2 weeks have been a madhouse at our office! The spin-off of the Beauty Trade, the sale of #Moments (we have pushed a lot of orders out of the door) and of course the last points on the well-known ‘I’ before we will launch again with #Moments! But do you know what is the best? it takes no effort at all. I do what I like, work with products that suit me and I have a fantastic team of partners around whom I continue to work with great pleasure every time. In this inSPAration letter, I have a nice article and perhaps for you, written a valuable article, there is product news and we will once again consider the social media phenomenon. Have fun reading!”

Doing business that suits you

In the intro I already hinted that it is so important that you do business in a way that suits you. This is the only way that you can develop an entrepreneurial climate in which you feel like a fish in the water. This week I wrote an article for you about how my way of life and my outlook on life have provided many good things for business.

Plenty available and …..

They are back in and fully available, our real winegums (made from real wine). Also the nice little mini snoopers, a super nice gift to give to your customers as a bonus during the holidays. But there is a newcomer and that is the Sparkeling Wine. A delicious champagne in an extra large package of 100 grams. A gummie who can safely be called festive with a glamorous look.

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