Egon van de Kamp – 1st training on 12 March at RAI

During a joint visit to a trade fair, Egon van de Kamp and the undersigned were brainstorming to bring together our knowledge and vision about participating in trade fairs in a number of practical training courses and workshops for exhibitors.

No training sessions with a nice theoretical story, but one in which participants would go home with concrete knowledge, tools and action points to make their next fair a real success.
1st training on 12 March a.s. (RAI Amsterdam from 12.00 – 17.00)

Because such a thing does not yet exist in the Netherlands and Belgium, we quickly agreed that this was a good plan, after which we started working. We came up with a nice concept for a training / workshop, meant for a small group of participants. The first will take place on March 12, a.s. in Amsterdam.

During this training we want to elaborate on the planned exhibition participation of all participants. That is why we limit the number to a maximum of ten. So that we know for sure that they really go home with concrete plans and knowledge that applies to their company.

This will be our first joint training for Egon and me. We therefore think a number of things are important, which means that we also place a few demands on the participants: For example, the participants of 12 March: Have already planned a specific exhibition participation. Being active in a business-to-business environment (because that is our specialty)
Be prepared to give their honest and unsalted opinion about this 1st training afterwards, so that we can improve our future training with that feedback.

So we ask something, but we also offer something. Because after this afternoon you will know the following:
How you ensure that your stand gets the STIC factor With which Key Exhibition Message (KEM) do you make the exhibition visitors think and move, so that you speak to more potential customers How to have potential visitors filtered out of your visitors with your stand presentation How to lower the threshold to get in contact with exhibition visitors How you determine what the visitor will remember and remember after the meeting at your exhibition stand How you determine what feeling you want a visitor to have with your brand and company afterwards, and how you ensure that you actually achieve this How you manage what you want the visitor to do after the conversation at your stand How you ensure that both sales and marketing are satisfied after your exhibition participation
… in short … how you will keep many more customers and turnover from your stock market.

To keep training sessions accessible, we have set the price at € 395 per person, but as this is our first training, we offer it at a “no-brainer” cost of only € 195 per person. And that also includes a lunch and including the 160-page book “Scoring with your participation in the exhibition”.
Do you want to be part of this, have you planned a trade show, are you working in a B2B environment and are you willing to give us your opinion afterwards? And can you a.s on March 12, of course?

Perfect! Sign up now (full = full) by email via Together we will make it a fun and educational afternoon that will bring you a lot!

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