The Suit with a Message of Unity and Diversity

Dubai, UAE. May 19, 2020 – To celebrate unity this Eid Al Fitr, Middle Eastern Fashion Brand BEHNOODE collaborated with painter and illustrator Wahed Khakdan to blend fine arts into fashion with a unique hand woven suit that took over six months to create. As the artist Wahed Khakdan infuses abstract into surrealism, Behnoode incorporates his art seamlessly into his couture suit creating a tailor made unification.

Connection through unity and diversity is an essential message this Eid Al Fitr and as humans embrace harmony and reignite their passions, this iconic couture suit represents the designers passion of fine art woven meticulously woven into couture.

Encapsulating the vigorous message of unity, hand crafted and customized with elegance in mind, the latest piece from BEHNOODE is inspired by the diverse culture of the new and the old and the visions of unity for the world.

Designed by Behnoode Jahaverpour, Founder and Creative Director of BEHNOODE, the collection was handcrafted by the artisans in Naples, Italy in every speck. The exquisite, power suit for men is poised with allegorical prints reflecting symbolic cultural elements from history such as the warrior horse, spectacle of flower blooms, vogue sketches, old-fashioned travel chest, vintage photographs and mementos that have been incorporated into the entirety of the jacket. The buttons are made of 24 karat gold, engraved with horses symbolizing freedom and grace, velocity and vitality, beauty and unity.


The limited edition suit, named Unity in Diversity, amalgamates traditional heritage and exceptional modern craftsmanship.

“I wanted to create a world without boundaries or borders. A world of connection and acceptance that transcends from humans into animals. A synergistic approach to humanity where acknowledgement and tolerance is what defines us as global citizens”. said Behnoode, Founder and Creative Director of BEHNOODE.

“This campaign is an awakening into the purity of the soul and seeing beauty in everything.” added Behnoode.

The jacket has been hand printed with paints by the designer himself celebrating the power of the human touch and connection, especially now more than ever. To dust off, stand up, focus, unite and move forward.

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