Finland – The Design Nation

Finland – The Design Nation

Finnish design has been endorsed globally since 1875, and the excellence of the Finnish design icons of the 1950s and 1960s has been handed over to creative and motivated generations of young designers working with worldwide well-known brands. According to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland “We’re a true nation of design, with a long history and a strong heritage of design.” The design has been a significant cultural element in Finland over the years, along with architecture, music, and sports.

label “Design from Finland”

For the Finns, design is so important that a special label called “Design from Finland” was created in 2011 to highlight the origin of design. For the most curious, you can visit

An inspiration from nature to create high quality products

Typical Finnish house

According to a famous Finnish Designer, Jorma Lehtonen, “The Finnish design philosophy is evident – they’re meant to be used by actual people, they’re beautifully designed, they’re recognizable, and their quality and durability is second to none”. Finnish design is just like nature, it is always evolving, and is filled with the influence of nature. However, some aspects, such as being influenced by Finnish materials, have persevered over time. The Finnish nature calls for longevity, and there is no doubt that this idea impacts Finnish design. It seems that even today, Finns tend to purchase one high quality article, that will last for a long time, instead of many cheap options.

The Finnish nature is identifiable not just in materials used, but also as an inspiration to patterns. For example, summer flowers and Northern lights motivate designers to create exciting patterns and ornaments. The Finnish design culture of today is both moderate and natural.

Design has always been there, as part of the Finnish culture, and it has been used purposefully.

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