The future of fashion

Nowadays fashion is one of the main contributors towards showcasing your personality through various looks as importance of image in social media grows rapidly. Statistics show that many fashion items in the world are bought to generate content in social media.
Thus, as fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world it constantly looks for solutions and digital clothing could be the answer.

Amsterdam based company “The Fabricant’’ is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital – only clothing. Using the same digital design tools used in video games and movie special effects, “The Fabricant’’ is paving a new way for future fashion.

In 2019, “The Fabricant’’ sold a couture piece, named “Iridescence”, in an auction in New York for around 8,395 euros. The brand has also commissioned a digital recreation of a collection campaign with a retailer from Hong Kong. The pop – up store had no physical clothing, only interactive screens with 3D garments for customers to try on and order. The experience was very successful which proofed that digital fashion not only makes you look great, it also enables the traditional fashion industry to shift its behaviors to help relieve the pressure on our planet’s ecosystem.

Digital fashion could be a new way for everyone from simple social media user to celebrities to keep their profiles sustainably fashionable during a period were much time is spent at home. It seems that future of fashion is going to evolve as all aspects of last and this year happenings are pointing into direction of a new era for digital fashion where virtual fashion allows consumers to avoid the waste and pollution associated with traditional fashion.
This new digital technique serves as an encouragement which speeds up technology’s and fashions blend.

Overall, technology could make the fashion industry more sustainable. While digital fashion won’t replace physical clothing, it creates a new way to encourage and improve our individual responsibility towards environmentally friendly fashion choices for social media.

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