Quality Over Quantity

In the last year a lot has changed, from the way we live to the way we dress. People had to put away their shopping plans and stay at home more. While this unfortunate situation has led to lesser productions and more consciously produced designs, people started to appreciate quality over quantity more as it is one of the easiest ways to live more sustainably.

Consumers often put price above everything else, we like that we can keep up with trends without spending much. But these fast fashion garments are quick to lose their best representative look as they are lacking quality, which leads us to tossing them away way faster then we should and increasing textile pollution.

While way better option would be to be more fashion savvy and environmentally conscious. The biggest advantage of owning good quality products is that these items will last much longer and still look brand new. We know that something is good quality as soon as we touch the fabric which is going to last ages for us. Currently the pandemic has led to a course correction in fashion industry, leading to an emphasis on quality over quantity. That is why now people should consider to look for more long-term purchases.

Now the fashion industry is facing a huge opportunity to use sustainably produced fabrics and materials that are innovative and with low environmental footprint. Where us, the consumers can focus more on better quality clothing while also taking care of the planet. Overall we need to remember that price is what you pay today and cost is what you spend over time.

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