An Italian Girl in The Netherlands

I’m a 25 years old Italian girl who’s taking a postgraduate course in Fashion Styling at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy in the Netherlands. I decided to take this course perhaps in the worst period of history, but who knows maybe not … the world is at a standstill and fashion is taking a big hit. Here in the Netherland, compared to Italy, people have adapted a lot to the “Comfy” style, which, apparently, is the new trend. Just try to write “comfy” on Google and you will see a roundup of tracksuits, sweatshirts, or sweatshirt dresses and so on and so forth.

Wandering around the streets of Amsterdam, I noticed that the style here is very personal and very basic, incredible but true, I have not yet seen a person dressed the same as another.
I’ve been told by other expats that the Dutch don’t know how to dress, but in my opinion they’re wrong.

Here they are simply more casual and look more to the substance than to the shell.
I find this approach very interesting. They are not influenced by their surroundings.
Let’s face it… between us, to the extreme, if “you wear the same pants twice, you’re a loser”. People are increasingly difficult to please and once again fashion, also because of this very difficult moment, is suffering a severe blow.
Giorgio Armani last year said that fashion should go back to HUMAN.
In my opinion he’s right. Today it’s difficult to tell what to wear in summer and what to wear in winter.
When it was still possible to go out, I found a collection of sleeveless bodysuits… and it was the middle of winter!
Yes, we have to return to a well-defined seasonality and I must confess that here in Amsterdam, this winter, I have found consistency.
When a person gets dressed, reflects what he/her has inside. He/her also does it unconsciously. Choosing one color over another reflects our mood and personality.
I still haven’t got to know real Dutch people, just because we’re in semi lockdown here.
As a foreigner, I have more easily met other foreigners, many of whom have been here for a long time and until now, have confirmed my first impression of Netherland… we’ll see.
In this blog I will try to tell my adventure here in Netherland from the point of view of a fashion student and lover of art and culture.

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