Three research projects between the UAE University and several Dutch universities in medicine, health sciences and veterinary medicine

Dr. Ahmad Murad
Dr. Ahmad Murad

The United Arab Emirates University continues its efforts to build the economy of the future, based on knowledge, innovation, and technology, and promote the research and development, by adopting many initiatives that achieve the UAE future vision. Research cooperation with Dutch research centers and universities resulted in the producing of 129 research papers during the period from 2016-2021 according to the Scopus database, in cooperation with 23 institutions, centers and universities in the Netherlands, which increases the quantity and enhance the quality of the research outputs.

The Associate Provost for Research, Prof. Ahmed Murad, stressed the importance of scientific research, which reflects the development in the country and is fully and directly linked to the needs of society. He pointed out that the scientific research is one of the most important indicators of the country’s development. The university seeks to develop international relations through research cooperation with the most prestigious international research universities, as the international cooperation research focuses on national directions.

He referred to the role of the UAE University in enhancing cooperation between the university and many Dutch universities by funding many research projects to benefit from the expertise and to enrich the quality of research through distinguished contributions. He stressed that investing in scientific research and international partnerships with many highly ranked research universities is fundamental to achieve the sustainability of research productivity and enhance the university’s position internationally.

Recently, a research project was funded between the United Arab Emirates University and the Utrecht University entitled “Generation of stable anti-bubbles through microfluidic system” in collaboration with the College of Food and Agriculture.

A research project was also funded between the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands entitled “Delineation of the pathogenesis of LDL receptor (LDLR) variants found in Emirati patients with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH)”.

A research team from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Erasmus University in the Netherlands is currently conducting a study entitled “Assessing the prevalence and potential impact of multi-drug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae carried by camels in the UAE”.

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