Spazio Margutta hosts the seventh edition of Creative District, as part of the first day of Altaroma 2021. The project conceived by Antonio Falanga and Grazia Marino includes four capsules signed by four young designers: Roberta Baiardi, Vittoria Roma, Mafalda Marra, and Francesca Laragione Handmade Bags.

Their proposals were presented in static form. Roberta Baiardi’s capsule projects her creations in hand-painted silk in the fluidity of watercolor and techisme, following the emotion and the idea of ​​the moment. Maria Vittoria Perino, creative director and founder of the Vittoria Roma fashion house launches with her first Haute Couture collection, with a message of revenge and rebirth for women. The Vittoria Roma woman is synonymous with freedom, she wears light, comfortable, impalpable clothes, dares with the transparencies of organza and chiffon, she chooses dresses without constraints with a fluid line. The delicate nuances of the fabrics caress and enhance the necklines, leaving the waist free to allow the body to move with ease.
Mafalda Marra, attracted by the beauty of nature, ventured into the search for a new sartorial philosophy.
She grew up in a family of embroiderers, acquired the ancient traditional techniques, she began to experiment with innovative embroidery methods. She is a stylist and pattern maker since 2014 and she can create tailor-made creations all with her own hands.
Francesca Laragione Handmade in Italy creates handcrafted bags and accessories for a more sustainable fashion while respecting the environment. You studied Haute Couture embroidery first in Rome and then trained in the prestigious Atelier Ecole Lesage in Paris owned by Chanel. You produce classic models, with the techniques of craftsmanship of leather goods and embroidery. Each bag is unique as it is handmade in every process, using the saddle stitching with two needles and awl then decorated by hand with various techniques, from 3D flowers to the logo embroidered in golden thread. She joins the use of vegetable-tanned Italian leather, also the use of eco-friendly and cruelty free leather obtained from the processing of vegetable and fruit sources

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