Memovox by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Carmen Chaplin’s grandfather, Charles Spencer Chaplin, became a legend by bringing to the film world the character known as The Tramp (Charlot), a vagabond with the manners of a gentleman.

The young actress and filmmaker said: “I love antique watches s and the idea that they have a past and a story to tell. Watches from the Twenties and their retro style speak to me of an era when certain tiny watches were mainly jewellery creations. Imagining there was a mechanism as precise as a heart-beat behind these tiny dials fascinates me”.

“I am intrigued by the fact that they have been ticking steadily for more than a century. My grandfather’s watch particularly moves me, because he gave it to my father, Michael Chaplin, his son, when he turned 14. Then my dad gave it to my mum as proof of their love on their wedding day. It was a real good-luck charm because they have been in love now for 45 years”.


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