Hey, Guys: Please Stop Wearing Gross Shoes on a First Date (If You Want a Second One!)

On a first date, do you pay attention to a guy’s shoes? If he wears a terrible pair of shoes on that date, would he get a second one?

I asked a few of my friends these questions, in light of a recent survey of more than 1,000 women and men that was conducted by Allen Edmonds on shoes and dating.

It turns out young professional men significantly underestimate the power of shoes while dating, according to this new report. Women are more than twice as likely to say shoes reflect their date’s (or husband’s) fashion sense.

My friends definitely agree. They haven’t stopped dating a guy over bad shoes but say that shoes show whether a guy is putting effort into his appearance—and the overall date.

“I love it when a guy has good shoes,” said Shannon. “I hate running shoes on a date. I love cool Converse or nice leather shoes. It means he was thinking about what he looked like before meeting me. It makes me feel good.”

She added that shoes show if a man has style. One thing she can’t stand: man heels! “Once I went out with a short guy who wore shoes with a two-and-a-half-inch heel. Major no. If you’re short, just be funny and nice.”

Jessica said she only notices shoes “when they are awful.” If we are going out for drinks at a half-decent place, I wouldn’t want to see them in shoes they would wear to the gym. Or really tacky mob-boss shiny shoes.” She added that if it’s a day date, sandals are OK, but dudes should tread lightly here because they could risk looking like “some high surfer guy.”

Also, on the sneaker front, she advised no bright white sneakers. A guy she dates wears these and she said it’s super embarrassing!

Meanwhile, Amanda said that she prefers a nicely kept pair of brown or black leather shoes on a date. She also doesn’t mind flip-flops but she said a guy has to keep his feet clean. “No gangly toenails!” she said.

The only shoes she hates: boat shoes with no socks. Men, you’ve been warned!

The bottom line: Men, steer clear of running sneakers while on a date, and if you have to wear an open-toe shoe, clip those toenails!

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