Ukranian-born Alla Kuzmyk graduated in menswear at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and in womenswear at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. On Monday July 15th, her first time at Amsterdam Fashion Week, she presented her latest womeswear collection “Grotesque Glamour”. The inspiration comes from nowadays attitude towards food, prescribed drugs and their effects on the body in light of the endless options and information available.


Alla Kuzmyk’s layered, colourful collection of asymmetrical coats, blazers, trousers and skirts draws focus to the waist line by contrasting it with unconventional shapes: oversized shoulders, balloon hips, high “shield” collars and hunched backs. All fabrics are hand-dyed and printed in patterns derived from views of microscopic viruses. The choice of smooth and shiny fabrics in olive green, orange, magenta, blue, sand, white and black highlighted each garment’s shape thanks to reflections of light.


Individual patterns were identifiable by using for each garment two different colours which met and mixed in intricate patterns. With her extravagant collection Alla Kuzmyk showed a very innovative and experimental approach to pattern cutting and achieved technically impressive results.

Words: Laura Viero

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