The New Black

Known as Blue Bic this color already has an owner, the French painter Yves Klein.


Since the beginning of his career, the painter produced his work using monochromatic shades. (Desde o início da sua carreira, o pintor produzia o seu trabalho utilizando sombras monocromáticas).

For years, he tried unsuccessfully to produce a shade of blue equal like heaven, in his hometown called Nice. (Aqui não sei se era isso que você queria dizer: na sua cidade chamada Nice).

Until the invention of a new synthetic resin be allowed, the artist couldn’t get the luminosity that he wanted. After that, he set all his work in vivid colors and he patented it as “International Klein Blue” (IKB = PB29 + CI77007).

The Blue Klein debuted in the fashion world in the 80’s, with young Londoners using  the color in sportswear, since then the Blue Klein comes invading the streets, catwalks until get to the red carpet.

Today, the Blue Klein is considered the new black, being welcome at any time, in any style. So, take the tip and have this life-saving in your closet!

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