On Monday July 15th Winde Rienstra presented her collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Winde is a Dutch designer working at the boundary of fashion and architecture. She is fond of wood and its patterns, enjoys playing with 3 dimensions and uses modern technologies like laser cutting to create sustainable, timeless, unique garments.

Her inspiration was the dacha, holiday house typical of the Russian countryside, whose wooded structure, intarsia on the beams and flower curtains are transformed into a womenswear collection. Hard and soft textures, rigid and loose fits are constantly contrasting one another. The rigid garments, somehow reminiscent of medieval knights’ armours, are made of thin wood panels held together by golden studs, used also as a decoration over entire patterns alongside laser cut detailing. Among the soft garments are dresses and loose trousers, blazers and a bodysuit, some with 3D applications looking like flowers blossoming from the body or wooden elements like belts and shoulder patches.

Accompanied by a sermon-like reading in Russian, the models slowly walked down the runway in wedged architectural sandals made of layers of glass sheets cut in different shapes, each weighting approximately 2 kilograms. Their hairstyle mirrored the intarsia detail or the dresses. The whole catwalk had an extra-sensorial feel to it, like having a glimpse at outfits from the future or a parallel universe.

Once again Winde Rienstra didn’t fail to surprise us!

Words: Laura Viero
Photohraphy: Hoop Doop Magazine

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