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You might recognise her from “My big fat obnoxious fiancé” or remember her for being the runner up of the 6th edition of “Dancing on ice”. For sure you can’t have missed Laura Ponticorvo, promising TV presenter in the Dutch TV industry. Today she came to meet us at Amsterdam Fashion TV.

Born in Belgium on the 7th of October 1985, Laura Ponticorvo’s sweetness and charm make her likeable from the first handshake. Indeed she is beautiful, but even more striking -if that’s possible!- is her relaxed and down to earth attitude. So refreshing!

The youngest of three, at the age of eight Laura moves with her parents –Dutch mother and Italian father- to Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. Later in life her aspiration to work in television and desire to create more opportunities for herself prompt her to relocate to Amsterdam, where she currently lives.

Once she graduated from the Lucia Marthas Dance Academy, Laura started her career in the spotlight by playing in musicals. Two years later, in 2010, she auditioned for X-Factor. She didn’t pass the selection process, but she was fine with that: she already knew that she wanted to be a TV presenter and saw the show as a mean to get exposure. And she was so right!

A year later, out of the blue and thanks to X-Factor, she was asked to take part in a dating show. At the time she was single and she thought it would be a Dutch version of “The Bachelor”.

-Why not?- she said and embarked on this adventure. It turned out to be very different from what she had signed in for: in the course of 12 days, she had to pretend that she had fallen in love with a guy who, to put it mildly, was definitely not her cup of tea. She had to convince her family that she was in love with him and ultimately needed to get her parent’s approval to marry him within two weeks. At stake a 50.000 euros price. The “fiancé” didn’t try to make it any easy for her. Big, fat and obnoxious, just like the name of the show suggests. But somehow she managed to get her parent’s blessing and to get her two older brothers onboard, thus winning the show and the price. Laura has a strong bond to her family, which featured with her on “My big fat obnoxious fiancé”, so when she speaks about the experience she remembers her guilt at having to lie to them. However, she doesn’t regret doing the show which, aired for 8 weeks and with over a million viewers, was for sure a jumping platform and a step taking her closer to where she is today.

After “My big fat obnoxious fiancé” Laura’s life would never be the same. Because of the publicity she got from it, she was invited to take part to “Dancing on ice”, which aired for 7 weeks, as well as to covering festivals in the Netherlands, the last one “Wish” earlier this year.

For sure Laura Ponticorvo has learnt where to draw the line. She is now much more selective with regards to the programs she does, and even turned down invitations to shows she didn’t feel comfortable with. She wants to work on projects she can identify with, a choice that can only pay off.

Laura Ponticorvo is a natural born TV personality. She looks at ease in front of the camera, her smile natural even when she needs to improvise. Each project is different and her days are never the same, which means that she has go with the flow, giving her the opportunity to grow as a person and meet new people.

Having interaction with her fans is very important for her, and she has an impressive number of online followers: 16.000 on Instagram, 15.000 on Twitter and 12.000 on Facebook. Especially 14 to 25 years old girls don’t miss a chance to give her their positive support and feedback, to show an interest in what she is doing (or wearing), to let her know that they see her as a role model, thus confirming she is doing a good job.

This is Laura Ponticorvo, the girl-next-door! Talented, gorgeous and charming, we look forward to seeing much more of her!

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